Gail Wines is a family-owned winery located in sonoma, california produced by brothers dan and patrick o'brien.. In 2008, we began to move our lives across the country from our home in RHODE ISLAND to pursue careers in the wine trade. With our mother's spirit in mind, we settled amongst the vineyards and surrounding mountain ranges of the Sonoma Valley, a place she would have considered paradise. 

Home to the oldest vines in the country, Sonoma is considered the birth place of American winemaking. our plan is to carve out a niche for ourselves, sourcing and producing a style of wine that resonates with both serious wine drinkers and loyal supporters of the region alike. 

Every year we spontaneously release a few wines through our MAILING LIST, followed by a limited release to our hARD WORKING friends FROM our favorite restaurants and wine shops around the country. 

Our production is small, but enough to toast mom whenever we like...

As Always,

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