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“old guard, new world”

Did you know Sonoma Valley is where the budwood used to plant the greatest vineyards in California originated? How about that its sister cities include Chambolle-Musigny in Burgundy and Greve in Chianti? When we open old bottles from Sonoma Valley, they remind us that the region’s strong back built the California wine industry.

In 1987, the redistricting of the vast Sonoma Coast covered over half of Sonoma Valley, including three of its four sub-appellations. Many wineries began labeling their wines with Sonoma Coast as a result. Thanks to winemakers who maintained heritage vineyards and growers who planted alternative varietals in Sonoma Valley during this period, we can still experience the region’s raw identity. Sonoma Valley is one of the most significant and diverse wine growing regions in the new world and we strive to communicate that honestly through our wines.