Gail Wines




Gail was founded by brothers Dan, Casey and Patrick O’Brien. Raised in Rhode Island, our parents valued quality of life and hard work. Our mother went back to school once we were grown, finishing her bachelor’s and earning her master’s degree in three years before landing her dream job as Director of Special Education for the island of Jamestown, RI. Dan kept busy shucking oysters and racking wine deliveries for a local restaurant in Providence before becoming a sommelier in Boston. No matter how busy we were, we always made it home for Sunday supper, where wine was more likely to be served out of a box but was always on the table.

In 2007, days before starting her new career, our mother suddenly passed away. She was only 51 and had been unknowingly living with a rare condition known as Amyloidosis. An event so life changing, we no longer felt at home living in Rhode Island.

After ten years working as a sommelier, Dan moved and began managing estate-grown wineries in California. Casey quickly hustled up a harvest internship and also moved west. In 2013, we bootstrapped the funds for a few tons of Sonoma County Cabernet Franc to make our first wine. Casey then moved to Los Angeles, where he now works as a fine wine broker. The following year, Patrick arrived to join Dan in producing Gail while also working under two of the most well-respected winemakers in California. Years of hard work and grit fueled our journey, but our mother’s inherent spirit and aesthetic guided us to create a new home in Sonoma, a place she would have considered paradise.

Some say that when a loved one passes, the hummingbird is a messenger that lets us know they’ve made it to the other side. The hummingbird graces every bottle of wine we make, as a reminder of how Gail’s memory became our life’s work.